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Fence Painting/Staining Services Near Jackson, MS

Finding a reliable fencing painting or staining company can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which company has the skills and experience to properly refresh your fence?

Look no further! Our team has been enhancing fences in Jackson and the surrounding areas for over 10+ years.

We take great pride in providing top-notch fence makeovers that stand the test of time.

Unlike pop-up fence painting crews, our experts are true professionals dedicated to quality craftsmanship.

We use only the most durable paints and stains designed specifically for fencing projects. And we stand behind our work 100% with industry-leading warranties.

Whether your wood, metal or vinyl fencing just needs a simple facelift or full-on restoration, we’ve got you covered.

We can match any color or finish to keep your fence looking sharp for years of lasting beauty and protection.

Our customers rave about our attention to detail, friendly technicians, and stunning fence makeovers. We’d love the opportunity to transform your tired old fence into a stunning backdrop for your home or business.

Read on to learn more about our fence painting and staining process from start to finish. Then contact us for a free quote tailored to your unique project.

Process We Follow for Fence Painting/Staining

When it comes to fence painting and staining, our systematic approach is what sets us apart. We take meticulous care at every step to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Initial Consultation

The process starts when our project manager meets with you at your home or business for an initial consultation. This allows us to assess the current state of your fence, identify any problem areas needing repair, and discuss your vision for the makeover.

Some key things we evaluate are:

  • Type of fencing material (wood, metal, vinyl, etc)
  • Amount of fence needing work
  • Condition of existing finish/previous coats
  • Overall structural integrity
  • Preferred color scheme and finish

By thoroughly examining your fence firsthand, we can provide accurate recommendations and pricing. There are no obligations or pushy sales tactics – just helpful insight into revitalizing your fence from the pros!

Pressure Washing

Once you decide to move forward, our team will return on the scheduled service date fully equipped to begin prepping your fence. The first step is intense power washing using commercial-grade equipment. This removes loose paint, built up dirt and mildew stains down to the bare surface.

Proper cleaning is crucial because any lingering debris will compromise paint adhesion. We take great care to clean every nook and cranny, leaving no trace of chalkiness, flaking or peeling.

Sanding & Scraping

After pressure washing, we manually scrape and sand away any remaining paint blobs or uneven textures. This scored surface gives the new paint an optimal grip. Our detail sanding also smooths over grooves, splinters and cracks for a refined appearance.

For previously unpainted fences, we properly etch the virgin wood using solutions that open pores to readily accept finishes. Then we’ll counter sink all protruding nails and replace missing or broken planks as needed to restore structural soundness.

Priming & Caulking

With the fence blank canvas prepped, it’s now ready for us to apply specialty primer and caulk. Based on your fence material, we’ll use the best corresponding primer that resists future chipping, blistering or peeling. We apply using professional spray equipment for fast, flawless coverage.

We also seal joints, seams and nail holes with flexible caulking compound. This waterproofs vulnerable areas prone to moisture damage and gives the fence an ultra-sleek sealed finish.


Your fence prep is complete, and now the fun part begins – the full paint or stain makeover! Based on in-depth product knowledge, we recommend the highest-performing finishes to match your goals for appearance and durability.

For painted fences, we use only commercial-grade acrylic latex or oil-based enamel paints. These offer vibrant color options with long-lasting protection against sun fading, moisture and everyday wear and tear.

For wood fence staining, we use penetrating and semi-transparent stains specifically engineered for exterior fencing. Unlike drippy solid color stains, these enhance the natural woodgrain while sheltering it from rot and insect damage.

We also have semi-solid stains for those wanting extra UV defense with subtle wood tones.

We apply all finishes using professional spray equipment for fast precision. The high-pressure liquid penetrates deep into the wood grain to bolster durability. Sprayers also create an immaculately smooth surface free of drips or brush marks.

Our experts take great care to cut-in edges and finicky spots by hand brush. And we use painter’s tape and drop cloths to safeguard surrounding landscaping and structures from overspray.

Second Coat

For optimal protection across your entire fence perimeter, we apply a second finish coat once the first fully cures. This fortifies durability while allowing us to finesse any thin spots or oversights.

It also lets us seamlessly blend cutoff points from the first coat into one cohesive application. We closely inspect for drips each time and touch up by hand if needed.

Cleanup & Protection

The last step is a thorough site cleanup followed by removal of drop cloths and painting supplies. We collect all debris, rinse off sidewalks or driveways and haul away waste responsibly.

We’ll also walk the fence perimeter with you for final inspection and to address any questions. Once you officially approve the finished job, we’ll provide instructions on allowing proper finish curing time. This helps your new fence paint get maximum traction for many years of stunning looks with minimal upkeep.

Cost of Fence Painting/Staining in Jackson, MS

The cost of fence painting and staining depends on several key factors:

  • Type of fence – Materials like wood, metal and PVC have different painting needs in terms of process difficulty, primer costs and required finishing products.
  • Fence size – The total square footage obviously impacts the amounts of cleaning supplies, primer, paint and labor hours needed to complete the job.
  • Number of finish coats – While one coat enhances appearance, two fortifies long-term durability to moisture, sun, insects and daily wear.
  • Repairs – Replacing broken boards, sealing large gaps/holes, resetting loose posts and gate hardware adjustments add to project pricing if needed.

Given the variables unique to each home, we provide customized quotes based on firsthand inspection of your fence. Pricing is all-inclusive covering materials, labor, expertise and equipment usage with no hidden fees. Expect industry-competitive rates with bulk product discounts passed down to you.

Can’t wait for your free quote? General ballpark costs are:

  • Wood Fence Painting – $3-$7 per linear foot
  • Wood Fence Staining – $3-$6 per linear foot
  • Metal & Vinyl Fence Painting – $2-$5 per linear foot

Compare this to the $8-$12 per linear foot charged by some larger contracting crews. Our small business overhead allows us to offer big savings!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


When selecting a fencing contractor, ensure they have the skills to properly install the right fence for your needs. At Fence Company Jackson MS, our process delivers.


With over 10 years of experience, our fencing experts recommend and install the ideal fences for your property’s size and function.

Quality Materials

Only architectural grade woods and durable vinyl and aluminum materials go into our fences for long-lasting performance.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly installs your customized fence with precision, care and quality workmanship.

Customer Satisfaction

We want you delighted with your new fence! We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied.


With competitive pricing and financing options, we make customized fences attainable on any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Jackson, Mississippi

FAQs About Fence Painting/Staining in Jackson, Mississippi

Does painting or staining a fence help preserve it?

Yes, quality finishes nourish exterior fencing against moisture, UV rays, pests and other threats shortening service life. The right formulations also fortify wood resilience minimizing cracks and warps.

Should a new wood fence be stained/painted right away?

Proper prep is crucial for maximum finish adhesion. Wait at least 6 months for pressure-treated lumbar to dry out before applying any coating. Uncoated new fencing can survive 12-18 months before needing protection.

How long does fence paint or stain last?

When applied by professionals, expect finishes to last 4-7 years for paint and 3-5 years for semi-transparent stains. Durability depends on quality of preparation, products used and environment.

What sheen is best for fence paint?

Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss give a vibrant finish that hides imperfections well. They also withstand weathering better than flat or high-gloss. Satin is easiest to touch up if needed.

How do you prep a fence for painting?

Proper prep involves intense cleaning, sanding/scraping, priming bare wood, caulking gaps and comprehensive inspection from the pros. This fortifies paint bonding for long-lasting adhesion and aesthetics.

Can you use a sprayer to paint a fence?

Yes, professional spray equipment allows for the fastest, most efficient application. The high pressure helps finishes penetrate deeply into wood pores for superior traction. It also creates an incredibly smooth surface free of drips or brush strokes.

What temperature is best for fence painting?

Ideally apply finishes when temperatures stay between 50-90°F for at least 8 hours following application. This allows proper curing time before threat of rain, dew or freezing. Extreme heat or cold hinders proper bonding.

How long should you let fence paint dry before repairing any drips?

Acrylic latex dries within 30-60 minutes while oil-based enamels take 6-8 hours until tack free. Wait at least 24 hours, then gently smooth drips with light sanding before touching up with a small brush.

Can you paint over wood stain?

Yes, you can apply solid color paints over stain following proper pressure washing to remove loose finish. The key is using compatible primer and paints engineered to bond well to existing stains.

How often should you clean/reseal a wood fence?

Even with finishes, exterior wood still needs periodic upkeep. Wash fences every year using mild cleaners and low-PSI rinses. Reapply fresh stain or paint every 3-5 years depending on product quality and environmental factors.

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