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Privacy Fencing Near Jackson, MS

Are you looking to add privacy and security to your Jackson property? Installing a privacy fence is one of the best ways to create a secluded outdoor space and establish clear property boundaries.

With the right fencing materials and proper installation, you can transform your backyard into a private oasis where you can relax and entertain without worrying about prying eyes.

Our team at Fence Company Jackson MS has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing custom privacy fences throughout the Jackson metro area.

We use high-quality materials like pressure-treated wood, composite, aluminum, and vinyl to construct durable, long-lasting fences that provide security, enhance aesthetics, and increase the value of your home.

Unlike chain link or wire mesh fencing, our wood and vinyl privacy fences are opaque and completely block outside views into your yard.

This allows you to sunbathe, swim, or simply lounge on your patio without feeling exposed to neighbors or passersby.

The added seclusion also provides safety and tranquility, reducing noise pollution and allowing you to better enjoy time spent outdoors.

We offer a variety of privacy fence heights, styles, colors, and materials to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Our experts will assess your property, discuss your goals, and design a fence that provides maximum privacy while complying with local ordinances and homeowner association regulations.

We handle the entire process for you, from acquiring permits to project management to professional installation and cleanup.

Don’t settle for just any privacy fence—let the professionals at Fence Company Jackson MS create your private backyard retreat! Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Process We Follow for Privacy Fencing

Initial Consultation

The first step in our privacy fence installation process is to schedule a consultation at your Jackson property. Our fence experts will inspect your existing boundaries and terrain to determine the optimal placement and length for your new privacy fence.

We’ll discuss the level of privacy and seclusion you wish to achieve, along with your budget and timeline. This allows us to provide an accurate estimate and recommend the best fencing materials and configuration to meet your needs.

Design Phase

After the initial consultation, our team creates a customized design plan and materials list for your approval. This includes a layout of the fence perimeter, corner and end post placement, and gate locations.

We’ll propose the recommended height, style, color, and materials based on the privacy level you want and to comply with local zoning laws. If desired, we can provide 3D renderings to help you visualize the final look and feel of your new fence.

Permit Acquisition

With your approved design in hand, we’ll acquire all necessary permits for your privacy fence installation on your behalf. This includes contacting your HOA for architectural approval and obtaining permits from the city permit office.

We handle the entire paperwork process so you don’t have to worry about compliance. Our experts are well-versed in Jackson’s fence ordinances and regulations to ensure your new fence meets all requirements.

Material Selection

Once the design is finalized and approved, it’s time to select your preferred fencing materials. We’ll guide you through choosing wood type (cedar, redwood, treated pine), PVC, composite, aluminum, or vinyl based on aesthetics, durability, longevity, and maintenance requirements.

If desired, we can show you material samples so you can see and feel each option firsthand.

Pre-Build Preparations

Before installation day, we complete several preparations to ensure the project goes smoothly.

This includes finalizing the materials order and delivery date, scheduling work crews, arranging for equipment/tools, acquiring the proper building permits, marking the fence layout, and removing any existing old fencing or debris from the area. We’ll also call to confirm your appointment time and answer any last minute questions.

Fence Installation Process

Once the prep work is done, our professional crew will arrive onsite to build your new privacy fence. We take great care to protect your property, plants, and landscaping throughout the installation process. Our step-by-step process includes:

  • Digging post holes per the design specifications
  • Setting and securing corner, end, and gate posts in concrete
  • Installing fence sections, gates, and hardware
  • Adding decorative elements like lattice, finials, or caps
  • Checking for proper alignment, height, and level at each stage
  • Cleaning up the entire job site when finished
  • Conducting a final walkthrough with you to ensure satisfaction

We work diligently to complete the project on time and with minimal disturbance to your yard. Our courteous crew will keep you informed of progress and answer any questions you have along the way.

Gates, Latches, and Accessories

No privacy fence is complete without the right gates, hardware, and accessories. Based on your design plan, we’ll construct and hang wooden gates and install secure gate latches and hinges.

For an elegant accent, we can add decorative post caps, finials, lattice, or arbors. These finishing touches enhance both form and function. We’ll ensure every component is expertly installed and operating properly before completing the job.

Cleanup and Haul Away

As a final step, we’ll do a thorough cleanup of your entire property, leaving your yard pristine when we depart. Our team will haul away all unused materials, trash, tools, and debris.

We may also spread new grass seed or lay sod in any areas that were disturbed during digging or old fence removal. Our goal is to restore your yard to its original, beautiful condition or better.

When dealing with a crucial home improvement project like installing a privacy fence, leave the work to the experienced pros at Fence Company Jackson MS.

Our start-to-finish process and expert craftsmanship will save you time, money, and hassle while creating a stunning privacy fence you’ll enjoy for decades. Contact us today to get started!

Cost of Privacy Fencing in Jackson, MS

The cost of installing a new privacy fence in Jackson can range from $15 to $35 per linear foot depending on:

  • Fence height (4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft)
  • Fencing materials (wood, PVC, composite)
  • Fence style (shadowbox, board-on-board)
  • Terrain and soil conditions
  • Gate placement and size
  • Demolition and removal of old fence (if needed)

Other factors like permit fees, site prep, and accessories (lattice, caps, lighting) will also impact your total privacy fencing costs.

To get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific project, our Fence Company Jackson MS experts will provide a free on-site consultation. We’ll measure your property perimeter, examine your current fencing, and discuss your privacy and budget needs.

Our personalized quote will detail all projected costs so there are no surprises down the road. We also offer flexible financing options to make a new privacy fence affordable. Investing in privacy and security for your Jackson property is well worth the investment. Contact us today!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


When selecting a fencing contractor, ensure they have the skills to properly install the right fence for your needs. At Fence Company Jackson MS, our process delivers.


With over 10 years of experience, our fencing experts recommend and install the ideal fences for your property’s size and function.

Quality Materials

Only architectural grade woods and durable vinyl and aluminum materials go into our fences for long-lasting performance.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly installs your customized fence with precision, care and quality workmanship.

Customer Satisfaction

We want you delighted with your new fence! We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied.


With competitive pricing and financing options, we make customized fences attainable on any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Jackson, Mississippi

FAQs About Privacy Fencing in Jackson, Mississippi

What is the best material for privacy fencing?

The best materials for privacy fencing in Jackson are wood (cedar, redwood), vinyl, composite wood-plastic blends, or PVC. These opaque materials fully block outside views while withstanding Mississippi’s climate.

What is the most popular privacy fence style?

The most popular privacy fence styles we install are alternating board, shadowbox, and board-on-board. These allow air flow while maintaining privacy.

How high should my privacy fence be?

Common privacy fence heights are 6 feet for backyard seclusion and 4 feet for borders. Fences over 8 feet often need a permit. We recommend maximizing height allowed by code for optimal privacy.

How much space should be between fence boards?

We recommend a 1-3 inch spacing between boards to allow wind flow, prevent warping, and facilitate drainage. Wider gaps reduce privacy, while gaps too narrow can warp boards.

Can I stain or paint my vinyl privacy fence?

No, you should never paint or stain vinyl fencing. The materials are pre-colored during manufacturing. Paint or stains will not properly adhere and can void warranties.

What is the best privacy fence gate type?

Wooden double gate designs provide the highest level of privacy and security for backyard privacy fences. Single gates are best for side yard entries and boundaries.

How long does it take to install a privacy fence?

The installation process typically takes our professional crew 2-4 days depending on the project size. We’ll provide a complete timeframe estimate during our consultation.

When is the best time to install a privacy fence?

Spring and fall are ideal times for privacy fence installation when the weather is dry. We can install in winter but footing and materials may be impacted by frost and cold.

How long do privacy fences last?

Properly installed wood and vinyl privacy fences have a lifespan of 15-30 years. Regular maintenance like staining, sealing, cleaning, and repairing boards as needed extends the fence life even longer.

What is your privacy fence warranty?

Our expert workmanship is backed by a 5 year warranty on labor. We also provide 1 year warranties on gates and hardware and will pass along the fencing manufacturer warranties.

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