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Tennis Court Fencing Near Jackson, MS

Installing secure and visually appealing fencing around your tennis court enhances functionality and safety for players while adding aesthetic value to your property.

Our expert team at Fence Company Jackson MS has years of experience designing, building and installing customized fencing solutions for home tennis courts across the Jackson area.

We utilize durable and resilient materials that can withstand intense impact from tennis balls and players.

Our fence styles and colors blend seamlessly into your surroundings, accentuating the natural beauty of your landscape without being an eyesore.

With strategic fence placement and layout recommendations from our specialists, we can transform any backyard into a functional tennis area you’ll be proud to own.

Process We Follow for Tennis Court Fencing

Site Evaluation and Planning

The first step our fence installation team takes is comprehensively evaluating your property to develop a customized fencing plan aligned with your aesthetic tastes, budget and functionality needs.

We assess the terrain, take precise measurements and note any relevant site conditions. Next, we provide material and style recommendations and collaborate with you on the optimal fencing height, layout, entry points and more to enhance utility.

Material Selection

With various durable fencing materials available like metal, wood, PVC and chain link, our specialists will guide you in choosing one suitable for a high traffic tennis environment.

We offer aluminum fences in black, bronze, white; wood-alternative PVC fencing; ornamental steel and welded wire tennis court fences in different styles. The material you select impacts durability, longevity, pricing and appearance.

Permitting and Digging

Based on municipal regulations, some fencing projects require permits which we’ll apply for on your behalf. We’ll also call 811 to request underground utility line markings before starting to dig fence holes and posts around the tennis court perimeter.

This critical step prevents accidentally damaging pipes, cables or lines buried on your property.

Fence Installation

With measurements and planning complete, our professional fence builders get to work installing your new tennis court fence.

We dig holes, set posts in concrete for stability, attach rails and infill fencing material leaving the appropriate spacing between pickets or mesh wires to allow clear ball visibility and prevent entrapments. The framework is reinforced to endure intense ball impacts during competitive play.

Gates, Accessories and Finishing Touches

The fence framework in place, we proceed to hang gates at strategic access points to enable easy court entry and exit while keeping balls contained.

Next come final touches like fence screening for added privacy, bottom retainers to prevent balls rolling under the fence and post caps for a polished, complete appearance. We also clean up the work site, hauling away leftover materials and dirt mounds.

Schedule Follow-Up Maintenance

Although our tennis court fences are incredibly durable, we recommend clients schedule annual maintenance checks to tighten loose bolts, lubricate squeaky gate hinges, remove rust or repair minor damage.

This preserves the fence integrity, functionality and aesthetics over many years. For lifelong peace of mind, ask about our maintenance packages.

Cost of Tennis Court Fencing in Jackson, MS

In Jackson, MS, installing specialty fencing around a standard-sized 60×120 feet tennis court ranges from $5,500 – $12,800 depending on:

  • Fencing materials and style chosen
  • Terrain difficulty and accessibility
  • Municipal permitting fees
  • Whether you want single or double gates
  • Privacy screening add-ons like fence slats or mesh
  • Special structural reinforcements

To receive an exact fencing price quote tailored to your unique tennis court specifications, call Fence Company Jackson MS at (601) 123-4567 for a free consultation.

As the leading Jackson-area fencing contractor with 15+ years’ experience meeting homeowner and commercial client tennis court requirements, we provide guaranteed quality at fair, competitive pricing backed by lifetime workmanship warranties.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


When selecting a fencing contractor, ensure they have the skills to properly install the right fence for your needs. At Fence Company Jackson MS, our process delivers.


With over 10 years of experience, our fencing experts recommend and install the ideal fences for your property’s size and function.

Quality Materials

Only architectural grade woods and durable vinyl and aluminum materials go into our fences for long-lasting performance.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly installs your customized fence with precision, care and quality workmanship.

Customer Satisfaction

We want you delighted with your new fence! We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied.


With competitive pricing and financing options, we make customized fences attainable on any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Jackson, Mississippi

FAQs About Tennis Court Fencing in Jackson, Mississippi

What factors determine optimal tennis court fence height?

The ideal fence height for a tennis court typically ranges between 10-14 feet. Lower heights risk balls frequently flying over while excessively tall fences create an enclosed, restrictive feel. The optimal height comes down to the court’s size, your budget, fencing style and personal height preferences balanced for optimal playability.

What special considerations should go into a public park tennis court fence versus residential?

Public tennis court fences require more durable materials and tamper-resistant structural reinforcements able to withstand consistent heavy use and potential vandalism attempts. Specialty polymer coatings, steel cables running through fence posts and higher-security locks are advisable.

How do I choose gates for my tennis court fence?

We recommend installing single gates at least 4 feet wide at strategic spots along the perimeter to allow equipment and player access without needing to open entire sections. Position gates near seating areas, storage facilities or high traffic zones. Include gate stops and self-closing hinges for added safety and functionality. For wide court openings to drive vehicles through, double gates are preferred.

Should I install a windscreen on my tennis court fence?

Windscreens provide helpful visibility and wind protection for optimized playing conditions. Made of durable, permeable polypropylene mesh fabric allowing airflow, quality windscreens come in a variety of colors and can be added onto existing fences using strong grommets and lacing rope. We recommend wind permeability between 30-50% for tennis.

What is the best fencing material for tennis courts?

Galvanized steel chain link is the most popular tennis court fencing we install for its durability, ball rebound physics and cost-effectiveness. However, ornamental aluminum and durable PVC offer attractive, low-maintenance alternatives. The optimal material comes down to your budget, visual preferences and primary considerations between visibility, durability and value.

How much distance should there be between tennis court fence pickets or diamond wire?

For safety, visibility and ball containment, we recommend leaving picket, panel or diamond wire spacing at a maximum of 3 inches. Closer than that risks balls squeezing through which interferes with play. Spacing wider than 3 inches also raises safety issues of limbs getting stuck. 2 – 2.5 inch spacing is ideal.

Should a professional fence company install tennis court fencing?

Absolutely. Proper structural support and strategic material selection and placement are crucial for tennis court fences to withstand constant ball impact without collapsing or deteriorating prematurely. Our experienced specialists possess the expertise to avoid amateur mistakes that could require expensive repairs down the line or cut short fence lifespan.

Can you attach a privacy screen to an existing tennis court fence?

Yes, fence privacy screens can be added to upgrade visual appearance or boost wind and visibility protection on old or new fences. Popular options are PVC slats, mesh netting and bamboo mat rollers which attach using durable grommets, hooks or lacing without damaging fence structure. We can assess your current fence and install suitable screening solutions.

How often should I get my tennis court fence professionally inspected?

Outside of checking for minor wear occasionally yourself, we recommend professional maintenance inspections every 12-24 months. This allows timely tightening of loose bolts, testing for weaknesses in structure, removing rust accumulation and keeping components functioning properly under intense athletic duress year after year.

What permits do I need to build a tennis court fence in Jackson, MS?

Based on fence height and materials used, you may need an approved building permit from the City of Jackson Department of Planning and Development. Our team handles the permitting paperwork and process for you. We also get underground utility line markings done before any digging to avoid infrastructural damage which carries heavy penalties. Let us worry about municipal regulations so you don’t have to.

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