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Our team at Fence Company Jackson MS specializes in installing and repairing fences for farms, ranches, and other agricultural properties in the Jackson area.

We understand the unique needs of the agricultural community and aim to provide customized fencing solutions that keep your livestock contained while allowing you to effectively manage your land.

With over 15 years of experience working on farms and ranches in Mississippi, our fencing experts have seen it all.

We are familiar with common issues like terrain challenges, high-traffic areas around gates and pens, and containing aggressive livestock breeds.

No matter what type of agricultural fencing project you have, our team has the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

When you choose our Jackson fence company for your farm or ranch fencing needs, you can expect superior craftsmanship and top-notch customer service from start to finish.

Read on to learn more about our agricultural fencing process and why we’re the top choice in the area!

Process We Follow for Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Free On-Site Consultation and Quote

The process of installing an effective livestock fence or making repairs starts with an on-location visit from our team. We’ll walk the property with you to discuss your particular agricultural fencing needs, inspect the terrain, measure the area, and develop ideas for the best enclosing solutions.

After thoroughly evaluating your project requirements, we provide a detailed written quote outlining exactly what we’ll do and the estimated cost. Our quotes even specify the high-quality fencing materials we recommend using based on the livestock contained and the land itself.

Custom Fence Design and Materials Selection

Every agricultural property in the Jackson area has unique geographical features, livestock containment needs, and owner preferences. That’s why our fencing company creates a customized fence design for each project we take on rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Based on the free consultation and quote phase, we put together fence plans tailored to your land and livestock using the most suitable materials and post spacings.

For example, some farms do best with woven wire fencing, while others need a sturdier option like pipe rail fencing to contain bulls and horses. We’ll advise you on the best materials and layout options for your goals and budget.

You can count on beautiful, functional fence installations that check all your boxes for safety, security, longevity, and visual appeal thanks to our custom design process.

Precise Fence Installation

Our professional crew brings an incredible attention to detail and precision workmanship to every agricultural fencing project. While cheaper contractors may cut corners, our team takes the time to properly install fence posts at measured depths and spacings and pulls fencing wire to exact tensions.

We also go above standard installation practices by using concrete to set end, corner, and gate posts for superior stability. This prevents posts from loosening over time, which can allow fencing wires to sag—leading to frustrated escapes or injuries.

Our precise installation techniques lead to fences that stand straight and remain secure for decades rather than shoddy work requiring constant repairs.

Throughout the fence building and installation process, we carefully handle your property to minimize ground disruption.

Safety is also paramount—we use extreme caution operating equipment around livestock and make sure gates and access areas remain clear. Our goal is to complete beautiful, long-lasting fence projects without incident.

Expert Repairs and Modifications

Over years of use, installed fences experience wear and may need repairs or changes, especially on working agricultural properties. From storm damage to hardware issues to modifying fences for rotational grazing, our team can efficiently handle all your fence repair needs.

We have strong relationships with the major fencing supply distributors in the region, allowing us to quickly obtain specialty parts for makes and models of any era. And our trucks are fully stocked with supplies for repairs small and large. No project is too tricky for our fencing technicians!

Do you need to move or expand a fence for a new pasture layout? We use the same customized approach to alter existing fences as we do for new installations.

You can trust that any modifications we make will match the quality of our initial work. Call us for all your agricultural fencing upkeep, repairs, and layout tweaks over the years.

Cost of Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Jackson, MS

The cost of farm and ranch fencing installation, repairs, or modification depends on a variety factors:

  • Fencing Materials: The specific fencing materials used impacts price significantly. For example, welded wire fencing tends to cost less than high-tensile woven wire, which is more affordable than pipe rail fencing. We offer solutions at various price points.
  • Terrain: Fencing projects on rocky, sloped, marshy, or wooded properties take more time and resources, increasing costs. We’re equipped to handle any geography though!
  • Fence Height/Length: More feet of fencing wire/rail and taller fence heights equal higher prices. But the investment pays off when livestock stay securely contained.
  • Accessibility: If the fencing site has limited accessibility, heavy equipment operation costs more for the extra work required.

Since each client’s needs are different, we provide custom quotes based on your unique project parameters after an on-site visit rather than vague per linear foot pricing. This allows us to give transparent pricing with no surprise add-ons down the road.

You can trust that our quoted fencing costs will be competitive while letting us perform to our high-quality installation and craftsmanship standards!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


When selecting a fencing contractor, ensure they have the skills to properly install the right fence for your needs. At Fence Company Jackson MS, our process delivers.


With over 10 years of experience, our fencing experts recommend and install the ideal fences for your property’s size and function.

Quality Materials

Only architectural grade woods and durable vinyl and aluminum materials go into our fences for long-lasting performance.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly installs your customized fence with precision, care and quality workmanship.

Customer Satisfaction

We want you delighted with your new fence! We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied.


With competitive pricing and financing options, we make customized fences attainable on any budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Jackson, Mississippi

FAQs About Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Jackson, Mississippi

What are the most common types of fences for livestock and agriculture?

The three most popular fencing types we recommend and install for containing farm animals are high tensile woven wire, non-climb horse wire, and pipe rail fences. Each has benefits depending on the exact animals, land, and budget for a project. We advise clients on the optimal choices during consultations.

What kind of gates do you install with agricultural fences?

We most often install heavy-duty tubular steel panel gates with agricultural wire fences to allow vehicles and machinery to easily access pastures and pens. For horse ranches, we also use quality wood plank gates for aesthetics. All gates include sturdy latches and fasteners to prevent livestock from pushing through.

How long does an agricultural fence installation or repair take?

Our skilled crews typically complete installations and repairs much faster than less experienced contractors. For reference, we can install approximately 30 linear feet of livestock wire fencing per hour under normal conditions. And minor repairs usually finish within a few hours, while extensive damage may take a full day.

What wildlife deterrents do you offer for farm fences?

To stop fence damage from deer, coyotes, and other wildlife, we can install electrified wires along installed agricultural fences. We also use scare deterrents like aluminum tabs that clang in the wind and irritate sensitive animal hearing to keep them away.

Can you move or reconfigure existing fence lines?

Definitely! We are fully equipped to remove and reinstall existing agricultural fences to new layouts when properties add or change pasture areas. This involves pulling up posts, removing wires, and re-securing them along the new fence path you desire.

What is your warranty on agricultural fencing work?

We stand behind our expert installations and repairs with a 5-year workmanship warranty. This ensures any defect in materials or construction methods is covered for half a decade. We also warranty replacement parts and hardware for 1 year.

How long do your installed agricultural fences normally last?

Thanks to following manufacturer specifications precisely based on locations and using quality galvanized, vinyl, or aluminum coated materials, our fences stand up to livestock, weather, and field work for 15-25 years on average. With proper maintenance, some last over 30 years!

Can I provide my own fencing materials to reduce costs?

We allow clients to purchase their own fencing materials as long as the quality meets our installation standards. Just note that providing materials does not always decrease total spend due to labor making up a significant portion of costs. Our experts can best advise cost comparisons.

What safety measures do your crews take during fence installations?

Worker safety is extremely important, and so is keeping your livestock stress-free. Our team takes precautions like using waterproof gear when electrifying fences so we avoid shocking ourselves. We move slowly and quietly around livestock rather than making loud noises that spook animals.

Do you offer routine fence inspections or maintenance plans?

Yes! We provide quarterly, biannual, and annual fence inspection subscriptions where our technicians visit your property on a schedule to proactively spot any wear and tear issues needing attention before they become major failures. This preventative maintenance is affordable and ideal for peace of mind.

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